We don't make robots. We make robots better.

Software that Simplifies Industrial Automation

Forge/OS is a powerful brand-agnostic operating system for controlling robots and automation.

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Don’t Get Locked into a Single Brand

Right out of the box, Forge/OS is compatible with hundreds of robots from the leading brands. With Forge/OS, heavy payload industrial robots are as user-friendly as collaborative robots. Your operators can learn Forge/OS once, and control robots from different brands on a single platform.

Empower Your Operators

Forge/OS makes automation more accessible than ever before - enabling your team to run robotic systems, manage changeover, touch up programs, program for new parts, and recover a system.

Task Canvas is Game Changer for Automation

Create programs by connecting control blocks together in order to make a flowchart.

Program Robots With Flowcharts, Not Code

Task Canvas is a visual programming interface perfect for high-mix, low volume manufacturing environments. Forge Makes automation more accessible, while eliminating the need to hire costly integrators to program new SKUs.

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More than just Robots

READY has partnered with an extensive list of automation companies, to ensure that automation components work seamlessly with Forge/OS. We enable control of the entire automation cell by connecting and controlling your automation devices through the easy-to-follow apps preinstalled on Forge/OS.

Unlock New Levels of Productivity

Achieve new levels of productivity and efficiency with Forge/OS Apps that power hardware and software from leading automation brands, or purpose-built apps that simplify tasks like palletizing, inspection and machine tending.

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Task Canvas Icon

Task Canvas

Accelerate programming and empower anyone on the production floor to control automation.

Device Control Panel

Easily control robots, grippers and other automation hardware with one simple interface.

Device Configuration

Integrating new hardware into your robotic system shouldn’t be painful. With Forge/OS it isn’t.

Parameter Manager

View all the important system data in one place. Parameter Manager surfaces all global system, application, and device data in one place.

Nail Your Next Deployment

Jumpstart your next deployment with a reference design for a complete robotic solution that includes robotic arm, end of arm tooling, parts presentation, safety, and Forge/OS to control it all.

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Proven Results

Powered by Forge/OS

Choose the right robot and empower your workers!

With Forge/OS, our customers have experienced savings of more than 40% in robot cell costs thanks to the decrease of programming time, which enables them to automate high-mix production that otherwise would be cost prohibitive


Our Forge/OS-powered solution solved a critical chokepoint in our ventilator component manufacturing, allowing us to meet COVID-19-related demand that would have been impossible before.

Greg CamronMachine Shop ManagerAlicat Scientific