Take Control of Your Industrial Automation

Tired of different interfaces for different robot brands and lengthy, complicated programming?

Yeah, we are too.

READY Robotics gives back control of industrial or collaborative robots to users with the Forge Suite of products. No more lengthy programming or expensive training with different interfaces. Forge makes it easy to take back control of your robotic applications with a single interface usable across multiple robot brands.

It’s beyond easy – it’s intuitive.

Unified Interface



Now with Forge/Ctrl, you can control robots with one intuitive interface. Support for FANUC and Universal Robots has been field tested and customer approved, and is available now. Talk to us about using Forge today on Yaskawa, KUKA, ABB and Denso robot brands.

Let Forge/Ctrl be the brain of your automation workflow.

Forge Bundle

The Forge Bundle consists of Forge/OS, Forge/Ctrl, TeachMate, and other select items based on your automation needs.

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With READY TeachMate easily connect, change and manage the following peripheral types:

Connects easily to leading brands like Piab, Robotiq, and Schunk. Inquire today about getting your brand integrated with Forge.

Get Started

Let Forge/Ctrl be the brain of your automation workflow.

It’s beyond easy – it’s intuitive.