Forge Productivity Apps

Automation has been too difficult for too long. Forge Productivity Apps change that.

Apps that Supercharge Manufacturing Productivity

Forge/OS comes bundled with native apps that unlock productivity and efficiency. From intuitive automation programming to real-time control of robots and peripherals - Forge/OS productivity apps empower your team to succeed with automation. Forge/OS 5 also supports custom third-party apps - enabling OEMs and developers to develop apps that instantly scale across all major robot brands.


Task Canvas

The Modern Programming Interface for All Automation

Task Canvas is a native Forge/OS app that revolutionizes robot programming. Task Canvas is a flowchart-based interface that simplifies programming on hundreds of robots and automation devices from top OEMs. Program industrial and collaborative robots with a single user-friendly programming interface.
Task Canvas empowers anyone on the production floor to run a robotic system, program tasks, manage changeover, or recover a system. You don’t need a background in robotics or automation to succeed with Task Canvas. Multiply the impact of your team with automation they can use.
Task Canvas simplifies automation programming with easy-to-read, and easy-to-follow flowcharts composed of human readable blocks. (Think “Move to Part” “Close Gripper” “Lift Part” “Open Mill Door” etc.) Say goodbye to complex, proprietary robot programming languages.

Device Control

Seamlessly Control Every Device in the Workcell


Control Robots in Real Time

Forge Device Control enables real-time control of hundreds of robots via a modern, touch screen interface.

Control Automation Hardware

Forge Device Control treats all similar devices the same regardless of manufacturer, while providing the custom controls needed for specialized devices. You can even customize which controls to display, or hide unused commands and signals.

User-Friendly and Powerful

Easy to learn for beginners, with a robust feature set guaranteed to give power users the precision control they require for ultra-high tolerance production tasks.


Device Configuration

Easily Add New Hardware to Your Robotic Workcell

Forge/OS supports 250+ industrial and collaborative robots from top OEMs including FANUC, Kawasaki, ABB, Yaskawa, Staubli, Epson and UR - with more integrations underway. Forge Device Configurator makes it easy to add supported robots to your workcell - regardless of brand.
Forge Device Configurator greatly simplifies the process of adding peripherals to your robotic system. From Schunk and ATI to Keyence and beyond, READY has partnered with over 50 leading hardware OEMs to ensure an extensive range of automation hardware works seamlessly with Forge/OS, with minimal setup.
Easily set up and control many types of devices through common industrial protocols including: Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP Master, Modbus RTU. We continue to expand the communication capabilities of Forge/OS to support even more devices, and additional fieldbus and communication protocols are regularly being added to Forge/OS.

Watch the Forge/OS Device Control Series

Let Jake Huckaby, PhD, the VP of Strategic Initiatives walk you through Forge/OS in the Device Control Series.