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Plus Kit

The Essential Plus Kit supplies the hardware needed to run Forge/OS, ready to plug into an OEM robot controller.

Best for

  • First-Time Automators
  • Fastest Deployment Time
  • Plug-and-Play Automation

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The Essential Kit for deploying with Forge/OS 5 Includes A READY Touch Pendant and a Forge/OS 5 perpetual runtime license.

Best for

  • Integrators
  • Experienced Automators
  • Machine Builders

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Where to buy Forge

We sell Through & With Partners. We have a growing network of stocking distributors, value added distributors and certified system integrators that can sell, install and program your automation solution powered by Forge/OS, based on your location and application.

Find the Automation Solution for Your Shop.

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View our hundreds of reference designs compatible with Forge/OS. Our reference designs range from complete automation workcells designs to hardware like grippers and sensors. Reference designs are often a great resource to start your automation journey.

Digital Transformation for Enterprise Customers

Include Your Operators

Rapidly upskill your operators

Intuitive UIs make upskilling feasible in days, which makes operators feel included in the automation process

Scale Your Solutions

Program once, deploy anywhere

Robot-agnostic Forge/OS means total flexibility with no switching costs between brands

See the Results in Real Time

Improve Supply Chain visibility

Integrate your robot work cells and apps with your ERP to increase visibility across toye supply chain.

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One Year of Software Updates
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Support HoursN/AMon-Fri 8am-6pm ESTMon-Fri 8am-6pm ESTMon-Fri 8am-6pm EST
Phone / Email Support for General Troubleshooting
Unlimited Access to Digital Learning with READY Academy
Eligible for Hourly READY Onsite Professional Services Including: Training, Service and Installation
Includes One Day of Onsite Professional Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Forge/OS usually takes 1-3 hours to integrate with all supported robots.

Forge/OS currently supports 6-axis robots from Kawasaki, Fanuc, ABB, Yaskawa Motoman, Staubli, Epson, Universal Robots and others currently under development.

Forge/OS supports backing up, Import, Export and external storage of task and process data.

Forge/OS is the control center of the cell, so you shouldn’t need an external PLC or Command Center calling and executing programs. But it can be integrated with existing PLCs, HMIs, and other devices as needed, through supported Fieldbus protocols.

READY has 4 support plans: basic, production, premier and premier plus. Each one has different levels of support but each one includes 1 year of software updates.