Global leader in tools and storage, security services, and engineered fastening manufacturing deploys Forge/Station in one day, leveraging READY to automate to a broad array of machines including CNC lathes, CNC mills, and more.


The Challenge

The Infrastructure Innovation Center at Stanley Black & Decker has been working with READY Robotics to identify opportunities where robotic automation might benefit Stanley’s operations. The Center sponsored a one-month trial deployment to a Stanley Infrastructure factory. The trial deployment began in late July 2017 and resulted in the factory purchasing the Forge/Station.


Tending a Haas ST Series Lathe


My team is always on the lookout for disruptive technologies, especially ones that democratize a way of doing things. The READY Robotics solution makes it so easy to do pop up automation that not only will it change the way we manufacture but it will also shift the way we design and validate.

Harry Zhong, Technical Lead
Infrastructure Innovation

The Solution

The Stanley Infrastructure factory runs many CNC lathes and mills, for jobs both large and small. Robotic automation has been hard to deploy for the factory until they started using the Forge/Station from READY, a powerful all-in-one automation solution that makes it possible to deploy robots in a single day.


Our overall goal is to get to that lights out operation for maximum flexibility and efficiency and the Forge Station system is the first step for us on that journey. Couple the ease of setup with capable performance and we can achieve an ROI in less than two years on this first application alone.

Jim Olsen, Manufacturing Engineering Manager
Stanley Black & Decker pilot facility.