Robot OEMS


Usability Attracts More Customers

By integrating your robots with Forge/OS, you gain access to the Forge productivity apps like Task Canvas, which enables anyone on the production floor to control your robot, manage changeover, touch up waypoints, program for new parts, and troubleshoot automation. This makes your robots more appealing to manufacturers who are trying to solve their skilled labor shortage.


Sell More Robots by Making Your Robots Easy to Use

Forge/OS brings cobot ease-of-use to industrial robots so your users can choose the right robot for the task. With manufacturers hungry to deploy more automation, Forge/OS makes your robots easy enough for anyone on the production floor to use and will help accelerate sales.

Enhance Your Robots’ Usability with Custom Apps

The Forge SDK facilitates the development of custom applications, running on Forge/OS, that help end users get more value from your robots. Create task-specific apps that make it easier for end users to program tasks like palletizing, dispensing, material handling, inspection, etc.

The Open Software Platform to Ignite Automation

It happened with PCs. It happened with smartphones. When developers are empowered to build, their creativity translates into exponential sales growth for OEMs. The Forge SDK empowers developers to create applications that impact automation at scale.