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Watch a pre-recorded Forge/OS demo and see how Forge/OS makes robots easy to use, enables seamless control of the entire workcell, and empowers your team to win with automation.

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Let a READY engineer give you a personal tour of the industrial OS for robots and automation – showing how it will transform your production by simplifying the programming of robots, peripherals, and automation – across brands.

One Platform.
Any Brand.

The Forge SDK facilitates the development of custom applications, running on Forge/OS, that help end users get more value from your robots. Create task-specific apps that make it easier for end users to program tasks like palletizing, dispensing, material handling, inspection, etc.

Intuitive, No Code Programming

Pre-installed on Forge/OS 5, Task Canvas is a native Forge/OS app that vastly simplifies robot programming. Easily control robots and peripherals with a modern, No Code, touch-screen interface. With Forge/OS anyone can deploy automation.

Seamlessly Control Robots AND Peripherals

READY has partnered with an extensive list of hardware OEMs, software developers, and machine builders to ensure that the components needed to automate work seamlessly with Forge/OS 5.


An Open Platform to Ignite Innovation

Forge/OS 5 is built from the ground up to facilitate third-party development of automation apps that extend across all major robot brands, and impact robotic automation at scale, in manufacturing and beyond.