Robot Selector – A Resource for All Manufacturers

Recently, we released Robot Selector to the world. Featuring more than 700 robots from 70 robot brands, it is the first searchable library of every 6 degree of freedom (6 DOF) robot. In addition to robots from major OEMs like FANUC, Kuka, and ABB, it includes smaller brands with limited market presence, but unique and potentially “right” robots for various applications. Robot Selector enables anyone to search all 6 DOF robots by reach, payload, brand, and collaborative vs industrial. The objective is to make it significantly easier for manufacturers to find the right robot for a given automation project.

Why does Robot Selector matter?

In the top-heavy but highly fractured robotic market, it has never been easy to objectively find the correct robot for a particular task. It is hard to know which robot OEMs to search, and there is no single, searchable collection of all robots. This is a barrier to automation. Automating can be complex and intimidating, and any barrier that can be removed makes automation more accessible – especially to those automating for their first time. Having an easily searchable robot library gives manufacturers transparency into all available robotic options, and makes it easier to find the right robot.

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Why did READY build it?

READY is brand agnostic. Whether with FANUC, or Universal Robots, or any brand in between, we want to unlock automation for all manufacturers. One barrier that must be addressed is the programming barrier. It increases automation costs, and limits manufacturers to robot brands that they (or their integrators) are familiar with. This can mean that a more affordable or appropriate robot isn’t considered, because it can’t be easily programmed. The promise of Forge/OS, READY’s universal operating system for industrial automation, is that anyone can program any robot or peripheral via a single, user-friendly interface. In addition to reducing programming time, this will enable manufacturers to choose the right robot for the job – regardless of brand.

While every robot brand isn’t currently supported by Forge/OS, eventually they will be. This is why READY was in a unique position to build Robot Selector. We want to make it as easy as possible for manufacturers to deploy the correct robot for any application. We hope the manufacturing community will find Robot Selector to be a valuable resource in their effort to deploy the best robotic solution.