New READY Academy Course: The Basics of Machine Tending

Today we’re proud to release our seventh READY Academy course: The Basics of Machine Tending. From building out the workcell to programming each step of automation, Kel Guerin, PhD will teach you the basics and best practices for building out machine tending tasks. After completing this 5-lesson course, you will be able to create your first machine tending task.

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About the course
This course consists of five lessons.


  1. Building a Machine Tending Task

Start with a comprehensive exploration of the steps of a machine tending task, and build an understanding of the specific actions that robots commonly perform during a machine tending operation.

  1. Making Your Machine Tending Task Reliable

Learn how to make your machine tending task reliable, through part presentation, alignment fixtures, and workholding.

  1. Improving Your Machine Tending Task

Learn how to improve a machine tending task, including best practices for machine tending motions.

  1. Make Your Machine Tending Task Reliable

Learn precision and timing techniques and key considerations to ensure precision and correct timing.

  1. Lab: Lathe Tending Simulation

Walk through a complete lathe tending simulation from hardware configuration and initialization to programming part picking, part insertion and removal from collet chuck, finished part placement and more.

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