Making robots more accessible with Forge/OS and Unity

The relative lack of robots deployed in the world is problematic. As we have seen poignantly in the last year, a manufacturing layer built almost entirely on human labor is very brittle, leading to shortages of critical medical components, microprocessors, and even lumber. Anyone in manufacturing will tell you that they would like to be using more automation, but they can’t. Two big reasons for this are that robots are too hard to use, and that not many have access to a spare robot they can learn to program on. But what if you didn’t need a robot in order to learn how to program a robot?

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In this collaborative article with Unity, the developer of the Unity Engine upon which popular video games and real world simulation software is built, Anthony NavarroSarah GibsonKel Guerin, and Erik Bjørnard explore how READY is leveraging the Unity Engine to build a robot simulator that enables anyone to learn robot programming in a realistic, safe, physics-based environment. No robot needed! Unity’s premier set of accessible tools for creating hyper-realistic simulated environments, with realistic textures, physics and lighting – has empowered READY to build a tool that enables the next generation of robot programmers/operators to upskill themselves into Industry 4.0 rockstars.

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