Automation will be as Easy as Connecting a Mouse to a Computer

READY Robotics CEO and co-founder, Benjamin Gibbs, talks with David Perkton about the mission of the company in Control Design article “The Advent of Easier Automation”. With a mission to improve the world’s quality of life and productivity through automation, READY has created a user-friendly, cross-platform software interface that enables factories and manufacturers to easily program robotics and automation.

Factories will now be capable of leveraging automation like never before. By reducing time spent on the planning and implementation phase of automation, these businesses can focus on increasing their job velocity. Ben goes on to talk about where he sees manufacturing and automation heading.

“Much in the same way when today you just plug your mouse into a computer and the operating system automatically integrates all the drives and in a couple seconds you are up and running using the mouse. We need to reach the same point in robotics, and then we can really unlock this space and help to create a future of ubiquitous robotics.”

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