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ROBOTS AS A SERVICE – The SaaS of Robotics

What was hard is now easy. READY Robotics’ TaskMate is a flexible automation platform that eliminates the headaches of integrating and using robots. Within hours, have a TaskMate creating immediate value for you by performing tedious, repetitive tasks, for an all-inclusive, low monthly fee.

Intuitive Software

Easy to use, award winning software that takes only a few hours to learn. Move the TaskMate around by hand to teach it motions, and specify a sequence of actions using our simple building blocks on a touch screen.

Plug-and-play Tooling

Retool the TaskMate for new jobs in minutes with the SwifTool tool exchange system. Want to integrate TaskMate with existing machine tools? TaskMate can easily press foot pedals, push buttons, or communicate over PLC.

Collaborative Robot

Certified collaborative robot arms that work safely side-by-side with workers, while efficiently producing product and expanding your capacity.

READY Robotics’ TaskMate

Adaptable, Safe, Affordable, Productive – ASAP


Set-up time and changing tasks is easy and virtually instant. Installation is reduced from what used to be 4-8 weeks, now under 4-8 hours. Modify the robot arms to suit each task – simply – using the same software and stand.


Works safely side-by-side with people, but doing tasks they dislike: dirty, dangerous, repetitive jobs like feeding flat metal strips into a 20-ton press brake bender 3,000 times per day. Instead, your valuable machinists can be utilized on more interesting, challenging, and rewarding endeavors.


What used to be a capital investment of $100-250K is now an operating expense of only $2-4K per month. Since the monthly rate is flat, the more it’s used, the lower the cost per hour.


Not only performs tedious, repetitive tasks flawlessly, but can work during off hours and “lights out” shifts, drastically reducing down-time so productivity can be increased by 2X or more. Do you have an underutilized machine? It’s the perfect job for your TaskMate.

TaskMate R10