The Tasks:

Textiles and apparel – no matter the quality of the fabrics, no matter the trends or style – are only as good as the precision and accuracy with which they’re cut. The season’s hottest materials will cool off fast if not cut just so. Paris couture will never become high fashion unless cut to the criteria of the designer. Cutting is about precision. Cutting is about consistency. Cutting is about care.

The Challenge:

What used to be done by old-world tailors is now done by highly sophisticated fabric-cutting machines. They can slice through the most delicate materials perfectly…if tended perfectly. They can divide a bolt of fabric, end to end, flawlessly…if tended flawlessly. Or, if an operator loses focus, gets distracted or bored for even a moment, yards of valuable goods can be harmed or lost.

The Solution:

The READY Robotics TaskMate is affordable, safe, adaptable and productive – asap. The TaskMate platform works with your existing machinery. It assures that fabric-cutting machines continuously cut materials to precise specifications, exact measurements, shapes, patterns, over and over without bottlenecks. The TaskMate never loses focus, gets distracted, or bored – no interruptions.

Meanwhile, your highly trained human workforce can be carrying out human-sensitive tasks they can perform better than machines. So your entire factory is running at peak efficiency.

The Demo:

Ask us for a demo specific to your company’s textile demands. The READY Robotics TaskMate is ready.