The Tasks:

In the plastics industry, manufacturing is largely focused on injection molding – the quality, consistency, and cost-efficiency of the custom parts produced. That means tending to precision CNC injection molding machines that create those customized plastic parts for demanding customers. As anyone in the plastics industry knows well, the cycle times – amount of time it takes for the machine to complete each step in the fashioning of each part – are long, as long as a minute, sometimes more. That compares to 2 to 3 seconds to make parts in other, non-plastics industries.

The Challenge:

While skilled workers can run CNC machines effectively, they cannot run them efficiently. It simply takes too long to run each cycle. People are literally standing next to a machine…waiting. Not until that part is finally finished can they start the cycle for the next one. Waiting is not a good use of skilled and costly people.

The Solution:

The READY Robotics TaskMate is affordable, safe, adaptable and productive – asap. The TaskMate platform works with your existing machinery. It tends CNC injection molding machines, cycles through the production of a part…then waits until it’s completed, cycles through the next…waits, and so on…without wasting one second of valuable human time.

And the TaskMate assures that each part is injection-molded to the custom specs required, flawlessly, over and over, until the order is filled.

The TaskMate allows you to deploy those skilled workers to perform tasks that better utilize their abilities.

The Demo:

Ask us for a demo specific to your company’s plastics challenges. The READY Robotics TaskMate is ready.