Metal Forming

The Tasks:

The metal forming industry is a challenging combination of precision and repetition. If the parts aren’t meticulously and rigorously formed to exact specs, no price break, personal service, or promise of “we’ll do better next time” can make up for imprecision. But the tasks are often monotonously repetitive – aiming for identical perfection over and over, can be both fatiguing and boring to workers, especially highly skilled people.

The Challenge:

Until now, the choice for metal forming has been: Ask valuable people to act like robots…or invest in robots that cost a fortune, and can’t safely work side by side with people.

The Solution:

Enter The READY Robotics TaskMate – affordable, safe, adaptable and productive – asap. The TaskMate, working on your existing machinery, does not tire of repetition; it thrives on it. And it not only repeats the exact motion endlessly, it assures it will be done without error, to the most demanding specifications, over and over and over…until you reach your quotas.

The tasks of bending, punching, notching, shearing, and blanking need to be executed exactly and precisely the same way at 8AM as they are at 10:30AM as they are at 11:30PM (yes, it can run around the clock). And your TaskMate can tend machines ranging from press brake benders and punch presses to iron workers and horizontal band saws, CNC mills, CNC lathes, and grinding wheels.

So your skilled, valuable human workforce can be deployed to perform more challenging and more rewarding endeavors.

The Demo:

Ask us for a demo specific to your company’s metal forming needs. The READY Robotics TaskMate is ready.