Food Preparation

The Tasks:

Successful production in the food preparation industry is dependent upon operating and manufacturing in FDA-approved, food-safe environments…efficiently and consistently. A great deal of what the food prep industry does is fill containers with food – rice, beans, cereal, coffee, candy, dry foods, beverages and more. If the facility and equipment don’t measure up, if the worker feeding cups into the machinery falls behind, if a bottleneck occurs that jeopardizes production, there literally is no business.

The Challenge:

Assure that machinery – the cup-fillers themselves – meet the demanding government standards, and turn out finished production efficiently, accurately, and without interruption.

The Solution:

Now there’s The READY Robotics TaskMate – affordable, safe, adaptable and productive – asap. The TaskMate platform works with your existing machinery. It tends cup-filling machines in sanitary environments that must meet the most demanding FDA standards.

With the TaskMate, you can be assured that bottlenecks won’t happen, and that whatever goes into the containers is untainted. You can be assured you will meet government standards and demanding customer orders.

So your human workforce can be deployed to perform tasks better done by skilled, trained people, not robots.

The Demo:

Ask us for a demo specific to your company’s food preparation demands. The READY Robotics TaskMate is ready.