READY Robotics has changed the robotic paradigm – now small to medium-sized companies can realize the productivity and potential of robotic manufacturing.

Robots have gone from fantasy to reality, from sci-fi to gigantic automatons for massive scale manufacturing, until now…

Finally, robots and robotics are here for the rest of us. READY Robotics has created practical, inexpensive, people-compatible devices and operating software that perform tedious, delicate, difficult tasks and enable humans to become more productive doing the things they do best.

READY Robotics has made robots ready to realize their potential.


Benjamin Gibbs, CEO.   |   

Ben serves as the CEO of the Company. Ben previously ran the Commercialization Strategy Group for Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures, where he was responsible for developing go-to-market plans for emerging technologies at Johns Hopkins University. He helped commercialize many of JHU’s robotics patents, and helped several companies spin out from the University.

Kelleher Guerin, CTO.   |   

Kel serves as the CTO of the Company. With ten years of experience in making robots easier to use, he developed the core technology behind TaskMate as a PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. His team was the recent recipient of the coveted KUKA Robotics Innovation Award, honoring outstanding innovation in robotics.


Henrik Christensen   |   

Chairman of the Board of Advisors
Henrik directs the Institute for Contextual Robotics at UC San Diego (UCSD), and served as one of the authors of the NSF Roadmap for US Robotics.  He is also the recipient of the Engelberger Award for Robotics in 2011, the highest honor awarded by the robotics industry.

Greg Hager   |   

Scientific Advisor
Greg directs the Computational Interaction and Robotics Lab in the G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. His research focuses on computer vision and human-machine interaction.